Posted on 01 January 2017


LOCATION: Bronx, New York

Pictured in Orchid Mermaid Hollywood Legging.

Hi! I'm Kristina, I'm an NYC based Cyclist, yogi and powerlifter, and I'm here to change the way you look at athletes! 

I've been riding a bike around nyc for 6 years. Yep, 6. And survived. It's a crazy traffic-ridden city, but I wouldn't change it. Nothing like the thrill of squeezing in places cars cannot, skitching a ride on a city bus, and having a close-call. It takes a special kind of nerve, I'll admit, but my bike is my happy place. I've worked tirelessly with a local NPO to make the city more accessible for walking and biking. I also plan on returning to courier work in Spring, and maybe even take a crack at Track cycling. All with my lil one in tow! Stay tuned!

I've recently become a new mother! My son is the reason to keep pushing and get even better. Motherhood has been unexpectedly difficult. I've always been able to handle what's thrown-but-motherhood has proved the hardest. And it just started! I was brought to yoga to calm my anxiety and help with my depression and PTSD. I've used yoga in the past in every wrong way possible. It's not a weight loss tool, it's a life tool, and I'm grateful for the community I have found since revamping my practice last year. Next year, I am starting my teacher journey with a focus on pain managment and restorative yoga. I want to make my fellow cyclists better riders, and help people like my mother who suffer from chronic pain.

Last summer, I started powerlifting, and I use that to make me feel strong and capable, when my demons are trying to get the best of me. I'm almost at the triple digit mark, and competing is a possibility. Anything can happen if you're open to it!

I'm super thrilled to be part of the Artista family, as well as the shift into different sports. EveryBODY is capable, amazing and beautiful!

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