Posted on 15 January 2017

Photography by Brittany Martorella. 

Here's something fun: let’s focus on bringing pleasure and joy into our lives, right now, without having to achieve a feat first.  Make this the year that you focus on improvement without having to be bound to specific goals and resolutions. Make this the year that you radiate your best self.  Choose your favorite, all, or make your own, using our 5 quick-starter idea list below.  

1. Take yourself out on a date.
No matter if you’re single, in a relationship, or married, taking yourself out on a date is always such a good thing to do for yourself. The possibilities are endless-- you can go to a fancy dinner, see a movie, go shopping, take a day to explore some nature trails, go to a spa… whatever you want! Pick a day where you can free yourself from responsibilities and obligations so you can pamper yourself without the worry of time constraints. Reconnect with yourself and rediscover why you are such an amazing person. Treating yourself to a date is not only a great reminder of the things you love and love to do, but more importantly that you can feel fabulous all on your own accord.

2. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Admittedly, this is easier said than done because we’re all our own biggest critic. Maybe you didn’t ace that exam after days of studying. Maybe you didn’t point your toes in your last performance. Maybe weeks of preparing for a big event didn’t go as planned. Failure is an essential part of growth. If we never fail, we would never be able to succeed. Find the beauty in your mistakes and use them to propel you to greater heights.

3. Clean out your cluttered socialsphere.
Unfollow all of the Instagram and Twitter accounts that clutter your timeline with negative content. Unfriend any individuals on Facebook that you wouldn’t talk to in real life. Dig through your email account and unsubscribe from any email lists that clutter your inbox with junk. All of this may take several hours, or several days, but you’ll thank yourself when you start to notice that your feeds all of a sudden have more pleasant content.

4. Practice therapeutic self-care.
Find therapeutic ways to love and take care of yourself. This can be something as practical as getting a professional massage once a month, diffusing aromatherapy oils in your bedroom every night before you go to bed, or taking time to meditate every morning. Whatever your chosen method, let it be something that allows you to decompress and get you back to feeling 100%. When you take the time to take care of yourself in therapeutic, calming ways, you not only address your physical health, but your spiritual and mental health as well.

5. Be fancy once in a while.
It’s safe to say that feeling fancy always makes us feel really good because you’re doing something nice that’s out of your normal routine. Find a fancy restaurant for that self-date you’re going to take yourself on. Dress up on a day that you have nothing going on. Find some fancier ingredients at your grocery store and make a delicious meal at home. Buy an expensive beauty product that you’ll be glad to use every single day. Splurging in moderation is always a good thing, especially if it makes us feel a little fancy.

Do you have another idea in mind for something you can do for yourself this year? Share with us and tell us in the comments!


Kaylee Cruz, also known by her real name Kayra, is both a Brand Ambassador and the social media manager for Artista.  A few of her other many other titles include Mighty Grip Junior Athlete, Bombshell Pole Magazine writer, amateur pole competitor, and avid volunteer at various pole events.  She currently resides in Columbus, Georgia.

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