Posted on 04 April 2016

Dear Gluteal Fold, 

I was thinking about you today.  I thought about how lucky I feel when you touch my upper thighs.  It's so nice to be reminded of your presence when I walk down the street on a day like today; you're a selfless a reminder that my butt and thighs are ever connected in the most natural way possible and that you are evidence of that union.  Because of you, we are all connected.  Even when you are not here, like when I am laying down or on all four’s doing floor work at the pole studio, your soul is with me in the form of under-butt tan lines in the summer and a little extra wobble-di-wobble in the winter, serving as a jiggling reminder that thick thighs do, in fact, save lives. 

I love you, Gluteal Fold.  When I come home from a bad day, you're there for me to touch and hold.  When I practice my dead lifts at the studio, you're there with me every step of the way.  Even if you make my aerial inverts harder, I don’t mind because, baby, you make my twerk stunning.  I love you because the best relationships are balanced, and you provide me with that.  You give me balance when I do boat pose during warm up, and security when I do my side saddle superman.  Gluteal fold, I will never abandon you.  I will do squats forever just to make sure you remain strong and healthy, and I will wear my pole shorts high and tiny because I am not embarrassed to show my love for your presence in my life.  I don’t get jealous when other people stare at you, because I know that at the end of the day, you’re truly mine and only mine. 

You make me beautiful. 

I know there have been times when people have told us we don’t belong together.  They make me hide you in pole competitions and sometimes other girls stare at me with judgement because I wear your existence in my life proudly.  They say you have no right to be present as a part of me, that you—the junction of my butt and thighs— are improper and ought not to be witnessed by anyone.  No one ever offers any real reason as to why we shouldn't be together, or why I shouldn’t love you.  They just say no, and they create rules and laws that prevent us from being open about our relationship.  Judges at competitions have even attempted to punish my friends with deductions for loving their Gluteal Folds too.  They can't punish us into silence!  Nothing can stop my love for you. 

Don’t worry, Gluteal Fold.  They just don’t understand love.  They don’t understand that you are a part of me.  They think we represent lasciviousness and that we are either too big, too present, or a threat to decency.  They don’t get love.  They don’t know what its like to fall and be caught by you.  They can’t imagine how amazing it feels to put on a nice dress and have you there to compliment their beauty.  They wish they had what we had, so they have to try to stop of, but it'll never happen because you provide me with too much joy.  I look forward to every day that I can hold you, sleep with you, work out with you, dress you up in cute pole shorts, feed you and make you big and healthy.  You are too amazing to be forgotten and I will see to it that no one ever forgets our amazing love.

Its you and I against the world.  Some might think our love is lecherous, or maybe even senseless.  But every time you shake and wiggle when I pole dance, I know what you’re really saying. You’re saying “I love you too”. 

Yours forever, 


Nia Burks is an artist, animal lover and researcher.  She received her MA in digital arts and her MFA in video.  Her artwork and research deal primarily with body politics, gender, and digital art history.  Nia has been poling for over a decade and teaches at SOUL Aerial and Performing Arts Center in Richmond, VA.  She is a 2015-2016 Artista Active Wear Brand Ambassador.

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