Facing Your Fashion Fears: From Street to Chic

Posted on 05 July 2017

As a plus-size woman, I am limited on what to wear. Whether it’s avoiding horizontal stripes, or being encouraged to wear all black because it’s “slimming”, many of us have these parameters drilled into our head that our wardrobe reflects what’s called “safe pieces”.

Wearing clothing shouldn’t be revolutionary. Rather, it’s a form of expression of your personality and style. As an ambassador for an apparel brand, Artista Apparel, I decided to take my active wear from street to chic.

Artista Apparel Casual Wear

 Photography: Tommy Kim www.tommykim.net

The circus pants by Artista Apparel are dance/yoga pants designed for style and comfort. They aren’t like leggings that form tightly to your body. While I am definitely the first to flaunt my curves, it is not the only thing I consider when putting an outfit together. I think about style, comfort, and confidence when I put together an outfit. 

A big girl wearing baggy pants? Isn’t that going to hide a curvy figure rather than accentuate it? I think the end results prove that as a curvy woman, my figure will look lovely even in clothing that may be deemed to make me look bigger and, therefore, unflattering according to societal standards. Pairing the black and red Aztec print circus pants with a black crop top, heels, and a bomber jacket elevate the look to an edgy high fashion ensemble.

The black snakeskin crop top offers a little peek-a-boo at the midriff, which I am perfectly comfortable with and actually really love. The thought of having any sliver of my tummy peek out seemed like a horrendous idea, and one I avoided at all costs. Now, I think it’s actually kind of cute.

Artista Apparel Crop Top

  Photography: Tommy Kim www.tommykim.net

With the right accessories, you can certainly take pieces that would normally be seen as serving one purpose and see their versatility. I wanted to showcase how versatile these pieces from Artista can be, and show the quality and return on investment in these pieces. Additionally, I wanted to challenge myself and wear pieces that are normally off limits for plus-size women because when it comes to fashion and style there should be limitless possibilities.


I am a plus-size model, body posi advocate, and fashion blogger. I am an advocate for change to our society’s standards of beauty and perceptions about plus-size bodies and health. As a brand ambassador for Artista Apparel, my aim is to show how you can be active and happy at any size. My blog focuses on my journey in modeling, beauty & health, self-love, fashion, and my plus-size life as a curvy Latina in Texas. You can follow me on twitter @curvy_sheila and instagram @curvysheila!
For inquiries email sheilalopezbookings@gmail.com

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