Posted on 07 December 2016

The holiday season is in full swing, and it may have you wondering what to get for the pole dancer in your life.  This can be quite the task for a few reasons. He/she may already own what you want to buy for them, or they might just be so particular that you have no idea what exactly they would like. If you’re unsure of where to begin the gift-hunting process, here are 10 fool-proof ideas for any time of the year:

  1. A gift card for a therapeutic massage: Pole dancers are constantly sore from something, be it a new trick they’ve been trying to master, endless conditioning, or cross training with other activities. Regardless, it’s incredibly rare to find an athlete or dancer who will ever turn down the gift of magical hands rubbing away all of the kinks.

  2. A cute gym bag: At any given time, a pole dancer will have their pole clothes, some grip, leg warmers, normal clothes to wear over their pole clothes, and perhaps a pair of pole heels. Get them a cute gym bag that they can store their gear in! Go the distance by looking for something in a fun color or print with the right amount of compartments and organization.

  3. Pole Grip: No matter the kind of grip your pole dancer uses, they are bound to have something that they cannot go without during their class or training session. Whether it be a grip applied directly to the skin or a training aid like a tacky glove or anklet, get them something that they enjoy using. Find out what their favorites are, or get them a new product that they’ve been meaning to try.

  4. A DIY Spa Basket: Put together a basket for your pole dancer of things that they can use to destress and relax after a lengthy training session. A bundle of things like arnica gel, epsom salt, luxurious bubble baths or soaps, a facial mask, body butter or lotion, heat wraps, aromatherapy candles, a bottle of wine, are all great items to help them unwind and say “ahhh!”.

  5. Pole Wear: It doesn’t matter how many cute sports bras or shorts they own, a pole dancer can never have enough cute things to wear to the studio. For the sophisticated poler, try our Houndstooth set featuring our new, high neck City Top or something from our Skin Tone Collection. For the more fun-loving poler, we suggest our Polka Dot sets or any of our classic prints. Don’t just limit your options to things that they would wear while on the pole; consider purchasing some cute leggings, tanks, or sweaters that they can throw over their tops and shorts to make a quick transition from the studio to a casual outing. Our Hollywood Leggings, Circus Pants, and Logo Hoodie make for fantastic studio-to-street options.

  6. Yoga Mat: A good yoga mat is essential to a pole dancer’s warm-ups, cool downs, and flexibility training. Consider purchasing a mat with a nice thickness (5mm or greater) and that comes in a fun color or bold print. A good mat also comes in handy if your pole dancer practices yoga as a way to supplement their pole training.

  7. Pole Heels: What pole dancer can say no to shoes?! Heels help bring out a different side in every pole dancer and are fun to play with even if they aren’t your person’s normal go-to. With so many varieties of heel height, color, finish, and designs, the options are endless. Find out what their style is and how high of a shoe they feel comfortable in and get to searching for their perfect pair!

  8. Private Lessons: There’s something about taking a private lesson with a pole star that allows a pole dancer to create magic and land some pretty incredible new tricks. Find out who their favorites are and see how you can go about purchasing one lesson or workshop from them. Just think-- you could be part of the reason why your pole dancer finally lands that nemesis trick they just couldn’t get!

  9. Studio Membership: Memberships to pole studios can sometimes get a little pricy depending on where you live. Any financial help that you can offer to someone who really just wants a space to practice is always thoughtful and well appreciated. If the pole dancer in your life has already purchased a membership, consider buying add-ons like extra classes (if available) or purchasing their renewal.

  10. Pole Vacation: If you really want to treat the pole dancer in your life to something special, consider partially or fully funding a fun pole vacation for them. This could include helping them out with expenses for an event like Pole Expo or International Pole Convention, or funding their next pole retreat or a destination Pole Camp. Giving the gift of an experience is truly priceless.


Kaylee Cruz, also known by her real name Kayra, is a Brand Ambassador and Social Media Manager for Artista Active Wear. Currently residing in Columbus, Georgia, she is a Pole Instructor at The Up Factory, a Junior Athlete and Social Media Manager for Mighty Grip, a writer for Bombshell Pole Magazine, a performer, and an avid volunteer at various pole events. 

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